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Hi there!

Welcome to this site. This post is revision of default WP install post. So I thought why not to convert it to a welcome post. And at the same time I would introduce my little self

My name is Arun Pal Singh and I am an orthopedic surgeon. At present I live in Punjab, run my own hospital.

I love reading and writing.  My tryst with world of blogging happened around 2008 when blogging was still infancy. But I have been managing and publishing website content since 2004.

I write on various topics which include orthopedics, medicine, healthcare, blogging and internet marketing.

Last topics are not related to my offline profession but somehow I have spent so much time doing it that it comes naturally.

Why This Blog?

Soloblogger.com is new found ground for my writing on topic of blogging and internet marketing. As I run all my blogs on WordPress, I would cover technical aspects of WordPress too, as far as I get them or can get about them.

Somehow, I am starting from scratch for this blog and as I have always done, I would like to grow with adding content to build the blog, without spending money on advertisement.

Because I believe your blog should pull people, rather than people being pushed to your blog.

I would write regularly [I would sincerely try – given my constraints of time.] I am not a full time blogger, nor I aspire to be, given the profession I am in.

If you are planning to become a blogger or already a blogger, let us connect.

Join on my social media page or join newsletter.

Take care and enjoy life.

Good day.

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